Reunion 2006

Colorado Springs CO

July 18-23, 2006

Singles          : $99.00
Double/Doubles   : $99.00
All rooms are non-smoking

Reservations:  719-576-8900
(Be sure your reservations are for 3/3)
Reservations accepted after July 25, 2005

The Battalion Reunion booklets are being mailed in conjunction with this newsletter in order to save some postage costs. (Only offliners will be mailed the newsletter via snail mail.)

Please complete your Registration form and send it in to AFRI as soon as possible.  A lot of details have to be attended to between now and the reunion and the further ahead the plans can be settled the better.

Also, get your reservations made with the DoubleTree Hotel immediately.  We are not the only ones desiring rooms, so in order to assure accommodations, act immediately!

There are both SMOKING and NON-SMOKING rooms available.  Additionally, there will be a smoking area immediately adjacent to the Hospitality area.
In deference to non-smokers, and those with respiratory problems, please refrain from smoking in the no-smoking areas inside the hotel.  

See ya Soon!!!
3/3 RVN Ass’n  Vol  1  Issue 5    01/01/2006
Issue #5

This is issue #5 of a new newsletter for 3/3 Vietnam era Marines, Corpsmen, Doctors and Chaplains.

We will attempt to publish this newsletter three times a year for the foreseeable future in September, January, and May (currently 1,800 printed copies).

Please contact us to include or request items of interest.

All submitted items may be edited for content, and may be included, if of import, at the leisure of the editorial staff. 
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