Operation Taylor Common
New Year's Eve 1968
Left to Right
Steve Fultz FO,  Mark Ransom RO,
Submitted by: Frenchy
Submitted by: Sweeney (photos from FDC John Robinson)
Gunny Parks        Robert VanVleet         Raymond Aki              XO Lt. Yeager            FSB near An Hoa
Op Taylor Common      FO Brian Sweeney      Camp Carroll          Vince Morrison    Capt Lofton, GySgtParks   Phil Reimer
     An Hoa AO    Attached to A/1/3          Oct 1968                   and ?  An Hoa?             Gunny Parks
Submitted by:  Earl Evans
Camp Carroll 1968
l-r David Earl Evans,
Henry Matteson,
John Patti,
Mike Loughren,
Steve Collins,
Steve Boggs
Mike Loughren at CaLu in 1968
Mike was KIA on 9/2/1968
1993 Dallas Tx Reunion
Kim Evans and Pop Horton
at end of line
1995 Chicago Reunion
l-r    D.E. Evans,
John Patti,
Roy Montgomery, Walt Zajac
l-r  Jan Radjeski,     Dick Lemery,
John Patti,
Mike Walsh,
Jim Spivey
Camp Carroll 1968... Lt Brooks & LCpl Seahorn
Gun 2... June 1968
Submitted by Bill McClintock
CH46 Hill West of Khe Sanh
Hill West of Khe Sanh
Battery Jul 1968 W of KheSanh
Craig Maghilse Gun 2 1968
Gun Crew 2 1968 W of KheSanh
Mar 1968 122mm rocket hit
Submitted by: Bob
April 68 Camp Carroll  Gun #2
West Khe Sanh June 1968