(Part II and Part III of Narrative Summary 3d Regiment Command Chronology June 1969  
  1.  General overview of all activities.  
       The month of June commenced with the 3d Marine Regiment still engaged in Operation Virginia Ridge.  The concepts of employment remained those of:  
       (1)  Minimal forces in the fixed installations (Con Thien, C-2, Cam Lo and Khe Gio Bridges, FSB Fuller) and maximum force on deep offensive operations;  
       (2) Total coverage of the AO by infantry operations, by infantry with supporting  arms (tanks, artillery, NGF, and air), or by supporting arms in lieu of maneuver units;  
       (3)  Maximum continued use of all supporting arms and weapons;  
       (4)  Flexible and changing tactics in each battalion area to meet new or increased enemy threats.  
       These concepts had paid dividends since the inception of Virginia Ridge and continued to do so, with the proof lying in the increasing number of enemy dead and the relative decrease of U. S. losses.    The initial disposition in June was with the 1st Battalion securing the Fire Bases, LOC's, and other defensive positions, the 3d Battalion in the western portion of the AO; and the 2d Battalion the center along Mutter's Ridge and Helicopter Valley.  
       The way along the fixed installations and LOC's continued to be a counter-guerrilla type of action, with the enemy's main activity being interdiction of the LOC's by mines and harassment of the positions by rockets and mortars.  The one major exception was north and northeast of Con Thien where signs indicated a build up of enemy forces in Leatherneck Square.  
       In the far west the activities were mostly counter-reconnaissance patrolling with both adversaries countering and ambushing the others efforts to reconnoiter.  As this was rather an inactive area at the time, in the middle of June the 3d Battalion was redeployed from the west into Don Ha Combat base in preparation for a search and destroy operation in Leatherneck Square.  
       The central area of the AO was embroiled in a duel between small enemy mortar teams which obviously had an attrition mission vis-à-vis the Marines and the 2d Battalion who countered by maximal dispersal and continuous movement of troop units.  There was no other notable activity in the central AO.  
       The Leatherneck Square operation by the 3d Battalion proved very fruitful.  Making a night movement to contact, first by truck up Route #1 and then overland by foot to the west, the battalion secured their night objectives without incident.  Unbeknownst to the Marines, the massive Naval Gun and Artillery prep had trapped a NVA sapper unit between its objective (ARVN held C-1) and possible withdrawal. The ARVN killed 60 NVA in the confusion and then during the next three days, as the Marines swept west, they killed another 150 NVA of the covering force (for the Sapper attacks).  Thus in three days, over 200 NVA of the 33d Sapper Bn and the 270th NVA Regiments, 6th Bn, were destroyed and both units rendered useless.  
       The 3d Battalion was sent to the Cua Viet for 5 days R & R and upon redeployment they assumed the fixed position posture, releasing the 1st Battalion to the Mutter's Ridge Area.  Thus, the month ended with the 3d Battalion stretched along LOC's from Con Thien to Cam Lo and Cam Lo to Khe Gio.  
  Bridge; the 1st Battalion sweeping west along Mutter's Ridge and then north; and the 2d Battalion sweeping east, north of Mutter's Ridge toward A-4 and C-2 and then redeploying to the south in the Dong Ha Mountain - Camp Carroll area.  
       Plans had been drawn and were being implemented to emplace a "Denial Area" as a buffer zone along eastern Mutter's Ridge.  The denial being accomplished by a combination of Seismic Intrusion Devices supported by artillery fire with a mass infusion of CS-2 in the valleys, streams and redoubts utilized by the NVA.  The areas south and east of the denial area would then be covered by multiple sting-ray patrols.  
       Also at the close of the month, plans had been drawn and were ready for execution of a new operation, Eaton Lake.  The area of the new operation would be Mutter's Ridge, the Rockpile, Razorback, LZ Margo, and all areas east of the XD 83 grid line and north of the 52 grid line to the DMZ.  The operation is held in abeyance at this writing.  
       The reporting period was an educational one in that various tactics were tried in each battalion's area to fight that particular war.  The battalions continued to learn flexibility while exercising mobility, and the 3d Regiment accounted for 335 of the NVA while suffering the loss of 50 Marines.  The figure reflects only a basis of reference.  The full success of the month was measured in self-satisfaction and the tactical coup of Leatherneck Square.  
    PART III  
  1. Significant Events During or in Direct Relation to Combat Operations.  
  1 June 0400H  Company H at YD 063627 had their lines probed by an unknown sized NVA element.  Company H initiated contact with sall arms and automatic weapons fire resulting in (2) NVA KIA, (1) AK-47, (1) PRG Launcher, (3) RPG Rounds, (12) Satchel Charges, (4) chicoms, and (2) letters while friendly losses were (1) USMC WIA (evac).  
    0645H  Comapnay G, located at YD 064634, received 20 rounds of 82mm mortar incoming from vincinity YD 056635 resulting in (1) USMC KIA and (2) USMC WIA (evac).  
    0730H  Company M found a bunker complex containing twelve bunkers and misc ordnance at vicinity XD 987626.  Ordanance found included (33) 60mm mortar rounds, (271) 82mm mortar rounds, (68) Chicom Grenades, and (4) RPD Ammo Drums.  All bunkers and ordnance were destroyed.  
    1000H Company H in vicinity YD 064628 found (8) bunkers and (1) straw hootch approx one month old.  Bunkers were destroyed.  
    1020H  Company B point element from a platoon patrol detonated (2) anti-tank mines at YD 132710 resulting in (2) USMC KIA and (1) USMC WIA (evac).  
    1930H  Company E spotted one NVA runnning north at YD 081958.  Mortar mission was conducted and area searched with negative results.  
  2 June 0900H  Company E found (6) bunkers approx one week old in vicinity  YD 078068.  Bunkers were destroyed.  
    1430H  Company H patrol found an old bunker complex YD 055634 containing misc ordnance.  Ordnance found included (58) RPG rounds, (46 60mm mortar rounds, (25) 82mm mortar rounds, (200) blocks of TNT, (4) cases of fuses for 60mm mortars.  Also found were (20) NVA packs and misc 782 gear.  
    1600H  An AO received fire from vicinity YD 032653.  One flight of fixed wing was run reulting in (3) NVA KBA and (3) bunkers destroyed.  
    1849H  Company H point element came under fire by an unknown size enemy force in bunker complex at vicinity YD 045622.  Upon reinforcement of point element, enemy broke contact and fled.  An artillery mission was called on avenues of egress.  During medevac, Company H received 15-20 rounds of 60mm mortars.  An artillery mission was again called on suspected enemy moratar position.  Resuults of contact were (2) USMC KIA and (7) USMC  WIA (medevac).  An AO spotted 6-10 NVA sitting on bunkers at YD 061680.  An artillery mission was conducted resulting in (2) NVA KIA.  
  3 June 0830H  An AO ran five flights of fixed wing at YD 047626 resulting in 15-20 bunkers destroyed and (2) NVA KBA.  
    1350H  Company C received 16 rounds of 60mm mortarts from vicinity YD 025534 resulting in (3) USMC KIA, (13) USMC WIA (evac).  
    1710H  Company L received 12 rounds 60mm mortar fire from vicinity YD 021638 resulting in (4) USMC KIA and (7) USMC WIA (evac).  
    1600H  Company H received fire from (2) NVA at YD 056625.  Small arms fire was returned and 60mm mortar mission was fired resulting in (2) NVA KIA.  
  4 June 0930H Company H patrol found (1) NVA KBA, (3) RPD LMG's and (1) aK-47 at YD 0516626.  
    1000H  Company E patrol found (10) fighting bunkers and misc NVA 782 at YD 0499617.  Bunkers and gear were destroyed.  
    1315H  Company I point element came under heavy fire from (35) to (40) NVA in bunkers at XD 971616.  Enemy broke contact when artiller and fixed wing were called in.  Results of contact were (4) USMC KIA, (12) USMC WIA (evac), (2) USMC WIA (minor), (2) NVA KBA, (1) NVA KIA and one AK-47 captured.  
    1430H  Company H found (2) bunkers at YD 047627.  
    Between 1530H to 1700H Commpany E found 42 bunkers at YD 054613 and (20) bunkers at YD 057612.  The unit destroyed all bunkers.  
  5 June 0745H  Company F found (2) NVA dodies killed by artillera at YD 064644.  
    0845H Company F found (8) bunkers, (68) rounds 82mm mortars, (2) NVA KBA and (3) mortar pits at YD 057638.  
    1030H  Company E patrol found (1) NVA killed by small arms fire at YD 047617.  
    1300H Company F found (4) NVA KIA, (2) AK-47's, (1) RPG launcher, (44) Chicom grenades, (9) RPG rounds, (2) Russion grenades, and misc NVA 782 gear at YD 058646.  
    1620H  3d Battalion CP found (4) graves containing (4) NVA KIA's at XD 975623.  NVA had been dead approx six months.  
  6 June 0230H  Company C ambush initiated contact with (3) NVA resulting in (1) NVA KIA at YD 016565.  
    Between 0815H and 0945H Company H received 30 to 40 rounds of 82mm mortar fire from vininities YD 029642 and YD 040625 which resulted in (4) USMC KIA and (7) USMC WIA (evac).  
    1315H Company C found (6) Russian anti-tank mines at YD 025565.  
    1300H Company H found (30) bunkers, (30) 82mm rounds, (15) rPG rounds and misc NVA 782 gear at YD 047624.  
  7 June 0940H  Company K exchanged fire with 4 NVA at XD 973640.  After an artillery mission was called in on fleeing enemy the area was searched and yielded (1) NVA KIA and misc NVA gear.  Friendly casualties were (1) USMC WIA (evac).  
    0700H  2d Battalion (-) conducted a helo-assault into an area south fo DMZ (UR 0769 LL 0063), which had been arc lighted the previous night, for the purpose of exploiting the area and gathering a BDA.  
    0730H  Company F captured (1) NVA POW hiding in a bunker at YD 021649. POW was carrying (1) AK-47 and (6) satchel charges.  
    0915H  Company E f ound (2) NVA KIA's in 2 old graves at YD 055668.  
    1200H  Company F found (2) bunkers, (5) gun pits and (11) 82mm mortar rounds at YD 028652.  
    1400H  company E found 2 NVA bodies in a stream bed at YD 054664.  NVA had been killed by arc light.  
    1515H  Company E patrol found (4) bunkers, destroyed by arc light, between YD 044674 and YD 044665.  Also found were (2) NVA KBA at YD 042667.  
  8 June 0715H  company K came in contact with (4) NVA at XD 949627 preparing new bunkers.  Results of contact was (1) NVA KIA, (1) AK-47, and (1) RPG launcher.  
    1225H  Company K made contact with (3) NVA at XD 950628 resulting in (3) NVA KIA, (2) AK-47, and (5) 82mm rounds.  
    1915H  2d Battalion CP found partially destroyed bunker complex containing (35) bunkers, (11) MVA KBA and (3) AK-47 rifles.]  
  9 June 0230H  Company F at YD 027643 fired on movement in front of their lines.  Upon searching the area at first light, blood trails, (2) cartridge belts and (1) AK-47 were found.  
    0650H  Company F received (18) rounds of 82mm fire from vicinity YD 030632 resulting in (2) USMC WIA (evac).  
    0815H  Company K fired 81mm mission on 5 NVA at XD 949633 resulting in (1) NVA KIA.  
    1000H Company K found (2) graves containing (2) NVA KIA at XD 949633.  
  10 June 1400H  Company K made contact with 4 to 5 NVA at XD 094639 resulting in (3) NVA KIA, (1) USMC KIA, (3) USMC WIA (evac) and (3) USMC WIA (minor).  
    1530H  Company E found (11) buunkers destroyed by arc light at YD 041652.  
    Between 1400H and 1930H Company K was engaged in heavy contact with 20 to 30 NVA in bunker complex at XD 943636.  Artillery and fixed wing missions were called in.  The results of the contact was (1) USMC KIA, (8) USMC WIA (evac), (6) NVA KIA, and (4) AK-47's.  
    1500H  Company F found (12) bunkers, (1) SKS, misc mortar round and misc NVA 782 gear at YD 030637.  
  11 June. 0820H  Company F squad patrol shot and killed (1) NVA fleeing from them at YD 032636.  The squad searched the area and found fresh graves containing (5) NVA bodies and mine demolitions and mortar rounds.  
    1130H  Company E patrol found (2) NVA KIA’s in graves at YD 054646 and (3) NVA KBA’s in a bunker complex of 65 bunkers a YD 059644.  
    1600H  Company G patrol found (1) NVA BBA in a grave at YD 061631  
  12 June. Between 1155H and 1700H  Company E was in heavy contact with an unknown size enemy force employing a heavy volume of RGP and 82mm fire at YD 051686.  Unit attacked enemy position and caused them to break contact and flee to the north.  The results of the contact were (2) USMC KIA, (6) USMC .WIA (evac).  (8) NVA KIA, (4) AK-47, (1) RPG launcher, and (1) 82mm Tube (destroyed).  
  13 June. 0615H  Company G received (10) rounds of 60mm mortar from YD 048629 resulting in (6) USMC WIA (evac).  
    1237H  USMC truck hit a mine and was heavily damaged at YD 000566. Sweep team reswept road and found (2) plastic mines  
    1500H  Company G spotted and fired on 3 NVA at YD 055620 killing one NVA.  Search of area resulted in the finding of (1) bunkers, (1) 82mm mortar base plate, and misc NVA 782 gear and food stuffs.  
  14 June. 0810H  3d Battalion (-) began helilifting to VCB for the purpose of a two day rehab.  The lift was completed at 1130H.  
  15 June. 0200H  Company E LP exchanged fire with (4) NVA at YD 070662 resulting in (1) NVA KIA, (1) AK-47, and (1) USMC WIA (evac).  
    0400H  Company E received 10 rounds of 60mm mortar fire from YD 077668 resulting in (1) USMC KIA and (6) USMC WIA (evac).  
    1030H  company M was helilifted from FSB Fuller to VCB to rejoin the 3d Battalion.  The lift was completed at 1100H.  Company M was relieved by Company H which was lifted to FSB Fuller at 0840H.  
  16 June. 1100H  Company G found a bunker complex containing (23) bunkers at YD 032638.  Unit destroyed bunkers.  
    1600H  Company G platoon patrol came under fire from approx 10-15 NVA.  Unit returned fire and conducted artillery mission.  Results of the contact were (7) USMC WIA (evac) and (4) NVA KIA.  An AO ran fixed wing mission on active mortar position at YD 041678 resulting in (4) NVA KBA and (1) mortar position destroyed.  
                  The 3d battalion commenced search and destroy operations in Leatherneck Square area at 2300H after a night convoy move from Dong Ha Combat Base to Gio Linh  
  17 June.  0615H  5 to 6 VC walked into Company I’s perimeter at YD 193693.  VC were taken under fire which resulted in (2) VC KIA and (1) IWC.  Friendly.casualties were (2) USMC WIA (evac).  
    0930H  Company M came under attack by an estimated NVA Company at YD 188737.  Unit returned fire and air and artillery missions  were called in.  Results of conflict were (11) USMC KIA, (11) USMC WIA (evac), (6) USMC WIA (minor), (10) NVA KIA, (2) AK-47’s, 50 cal MG and (1) RPD MG.  
    1400H  Company L, while moving to assist the 3d Battalions CP which was under heavy ground  attack, came under fire from an unknown size enemy force. .The unit returned fire and conducted fixed wing mission on enemy position.  The contact resulted in (1) USMC KIA, (2) USMC WIA (evac), 2 USMC WIA (minor), (18) NVA KIA, (11) AK-47’s and (3) RPG launchers.  
    1400H 3d Battalion CP with a platoon of Company K for security came under heavy ground attack by an estimated NVA company at YD 195707.  Unit engaged enemy in .close combat and called artillery in when enemy broke contact and fled.  Results of contact were (6) USMC KIA, (13) USMC WIA (evac), 30 NVA KIA, (7) NVA KBA, (3)..NVA POW, (10) AK-47’s, (1) SKS, (1) M-16 (captured), (2) RPD (LMG) and (3) RPG launchers.  
    1505H  Company G, Second Battalion, Ninth Marines, was committed to assist the 3d Battalion.  
    1550H  Company F, Second Battalion, Ninth Marines, was also committed to assist the 3d Battalion.  
    1530H  Company K (-) reinforced with company A, 3d Tank Bn departed C-2 as a reaction force to assist  the 3d Battalion.  
    1615H  an AO conducted a fixed wing mission on 70 to 100 NVA at YD 207704 resulting in 25 NVA KBA.  Other AO missions included artillery and air missions on 5 NVA at YD 166763 resulting in (1) NVA KBA and (1) NVA KIA; air mission on (3) NVA at YD 184748 resulting in (4) NVA KBA, and air mission on (25) NVA resulting in (18) NVA KBA.  
    2030H  Company L ambush initiated contact with unknown size enemy force at YD 190699 resulting in (4) NVA KIA, (3) AK-47 and (1) 30 cal MG.  
    2100H  Company E received 16 rounds of 60mm mortar fire from YD 085629.  an arty mission was conducted and area was searched finding (1) NVA KIA.  Results of incoming were (2) USMC KIA, (12) USMC WIA (evac).  
  18 June. 0700H  company L had (2) NVA approach their perimeter at YD 190707.  NVA were taken under fire and both killed.  (1) AK-47 and (1) RPG launcher were captured.  
    0830H  3d Bn CP captured (1) NVA POW who had strayed into their lines at YD 195707.  
    1030H  Company G at YD 030631, received 20 rounds of 82mm mortars from vicinity YD 025651 resulting in (1) USMC KIA and (11) USMC WIA (evac).  
  19 June. 0845H  Company M found a grave containing (1) NVA KIA, who had been dead about three weeks at YD 166718.  
  20 June. 0715H  Company M patrol found (5) NVA KIA’s in graves at YD 175735.  NVA had been dead 3 to 4 days.  
    1200H  An AO ran a flight of fixed wing on (2) NVA resulting in (2) NVA KBA at YD 182762.  
  21 June. 1600H  3d Marines passed OPCON of the 3d Bn to 3d Mar Div for the purpose of conducting rehabilitation at the Cua Viet R&R Center.  
  22 June. 1640H  Company B came in contact with an unknown size enemy force at YD 167762 resulting in (4) NVA KIA, and (4) AK-47’s captured.  
  23 June. 0949H  An AO ran a flight of fixed wing at YD 164752 resulting in (1) NVA KBA, (4) bunkers destroyed and (1) secondary explosion.  
    1350H  Company E received (20) rounds  82mm mortar from YD 094676 resulting in (3) USMC KIA and (7) USMC WIA (evac).  
  25 June. 1200H  3d Marine Division passed OPCON of the 3d Bn back to 3d Marines.  
    1500H  Company G found (1) NVA KBA at YD 068631 who had been dead about 2 days.  Also found was (1) RPG launcher.  
    1600H  3d Marines passed OPCON of Companies F and G, Second Bn, Ninth Marines to 3d Marine Division.  
  27 June. 1030H  A duster from 1/44 hit a AT mine at YD 057568 resulting in (1) USA KIA and (3) USA WIA (evac).  
  28 June. Between 0640H and 0830H Company M at A-4 received (8) 122mm rocket rounds from vicinity YD 055665 or YD 063671 resulting in (3) USMC WIA (evac).  
  29 June. 1200H  Company B found (22) bunkers and misc documents and ordnance at YD 086634.  
    2.  Other Significant Events.  
  28 June. Change of Command Ceremony conducted.  Colonel W.F. SIMLIK assumed Command of Third Marine Regiment vice Colonel P.D. LA FOND relieved.  
A June 1969 view from Regimental level.
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