The following pages are the story of a young man who enlisted in the Navy, of the building of character, and the subsequent deterioration of an individual.
Many sources were utilized in the creation of this work, and it is true and factual to the best of my knowledge.  My memories may vary somewhat from others who were there, with each man having viewed the events with a different perspective.
After thirty odd years, memories have faded; at least of many aspects of my experience, yet others are vivid and relived daily, and nightly. 
I have had the honor of meeting with many of my old comrades over the last decade, and this has been extraordinary.
To all my Corpsmen and Marines, Doctors and Padres

We made it, we remember, and even though some of us never made it quite all the way back, we share the bonds created so long ago, which are as strong as any love we will ever know.



                           What’s wrong with this picture?                                                                                 You'd better believe it!
                             Is this a Marine?

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