Fitchburg Wisconsin
Memorial Day 2004
Left to Right 
Niles Schley - Will Disch - Hazel Schley - Doc Rod Hardin - Cliff Muehlenberg - Doc George Wincapaw - JC Bantle
at the
Gorman Wayside Park Memorial
Cpl Robert James Schley
KIA 30 April 1967 on 881 South
I am personally gratified that my Marine Corps brothers and members of the Fitchburg community were able to join with Gold Star Parents Niles and Hazel Schley in remembering our fallen comrade Bob Schley.  Bob received the Navy Cross for his gallant heroism an award second only to the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Courage is paying ones debts.  We have made a serious inroad toward repaying ours my friends.  Thank you all for making this a more splendid occasion than anyone could have imagined.  

I received this photo from Rich Eggleston of the Fitchburg Historical Society this morning.  I am just overwhelmed at this immediate regaling.  He is sending me CD's with almost 100 other pictures of the event.  I will try to get copies burned and forward them as they are available.  I will also share some of them on the battalion websites.  I understand that my comparison of the aerial view of flooded Wisconsin farmland to the rice paddies of S.E. Asia made the local TV news.  I hope they included some of my more salient and meaningful comments.

Fitchburg alderman Tom Darcy, his four-year-old son Chris and I stopped by to see the Schley’s before I flew home Tuesday afternoon.  The shadowbox already has a special niche in the family room of the home that Niles Schley built himself.  He pointed out a brick which Bob laid as we entered the house.  Hazel brought out a box containing Bob's dog tags, egas, tie clips, service ribbons and medals.  I know that they truly appreciated the effort made by everyone involved.  To those who made it, thank you again for coming.  I wish everyone could know how elated I am that this all came to pass.  I wish the rest of you could have shared our experience.  

I hope to see some of you in six weeks at the DC battalion reunion.  That should be a most uplifting experience in its own right.

Just when this cynical old agnostic gets to feeling the worst about his fellow human beings a circumstance like this comes along and renews my faith in humanity and gives me some cryptic inklings of possible divine intervention.  Bless you all.  

Semper Fidelis

Devil Doc Rod "Ruffmuthuh" Hardin proud to have served with
Mike Company 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division 
USN/FMF/RVN 1966-67