Don McNamara  KIA 7/21/1967

Don McNamara was my squad leader for much of my tour.  He and I also went on R&R to Hong Kong together. 

I've got a few stories about Don.  He had more than his share of shitbirds in his squad.  I still remember the night of an ambush ...

We were setting up the ambush and one of the men was getting testy with Don.  He grabbed the guy by the scruff and picked him up and stuffed him down where he wanted him to set up.

The guy got pissed at Don.  We heard the guy's safety click off in the dark.

Then he heard at least five more safeties click off. 

So he clicked his back on. 

I think Don appreciated the vote of confidence we gave him that night.

I'm not sure if it would be right to say anything about the R&R as we did not spend much time in church ... or any place where members of polite society could be found.

Semper Fi,

Joe Cordileone.
We are saddled up and moving to Ca Lu. Everything in the world I own is there on my back, plus a few things that were loaned to me like the prc 25.

Notice the top to the 4-holer leaning against some sandbags on the right. Doesn't that bring back memories?

Anytime you were in doubt about the true facts, you could get the answer as you sat and smoked and took your dump. Just ask the 3rd Pfc on the shitter; he always knew what was going on.
Date Taken:  Late spring early summer 67
Joe Cordileone

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