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RVN WAR RESEARCH SITES:        Studying The Vietnam War on line

""       VietnamnBulletin

""    IIIMAF Vietnam-HistoryProphyria    cutanea tarda USS Joe C. PAUL - MOHOperation STARLITE- SgtNick'sStolenValor-Un-vets

""   BODY COUNTMobileRiverForce

""     Opn STARLITE-Game A ""   AmtracPlatoon

""   Where were you Bill?

""    "Corpsman Up!

""           "Pikes Military ResearchMilitary Units     

                                                               Cook BARELA USMC RVN

""                      "Google "search

""    McCAIN

          wants to be President like Slick

""                                                    Kilo Co. 3/7

""              Scotland The Brave

""  Quotes by & about Marines

""  FindYourBuddy-Tips

""                 HowTo-AfterActionReports

""  STOLEN VALOR-                                                           Wannabees

""   Bev & The Wall

""   B Co. 2/12

""          KRULAK/WALT vs Westmoreland vs CAP"                      Myths & Facts re RVN War


                    Proof that Westmoreland sucked-re CAP/CAG/CAF

""     The Brute-Victor H. KRULACK & Sons

""                               USS Joe PAUL, MOH-STARLITE 2/4

""                         1stBn 3rdMars 3rdmarDiv

""       RVN         Weapons of War

""                        Vietnam War Myths

""  2dCA470CC

""         Jane FONDA - Treason and a communist

""                                                   MCAS ET - Closeing & History-Map

""      RSVN- Hau Nghia- theory & review  y others

""                 Kilo Co., 12th Marines

""            A Co. 1/26

""               Dien Bien Phu ""    CAC Poppa 2-4             (CAP/CAG)

""                                                    Marine Corps League Hqs

""               CAP/CAG/CAF Glossary

  ""                                        The MC Brotherhood


""                                                            VN Marine Corps

""                Medal Of Honor-Vietnam

""              Casualty Lists (KIAs) KO. & RVN


Most of the below web-sites have "links", utilize them too.                                                new history channel      (13thMarines)EG







The below Site names are  from the Links on

 "The Few" 

Please search for them at:

1996 Vietnam DMZ Photos

1st Battalion 3rd Marines

1st MAW Assn. - Vietnam Service

1/3 3rd Mar Div 1964-1975

2/3 Vietnam Era Association

2/5 Family of 2/5

3rd Battalion 27th Marines Vietnam

7th Engineers - Vietnam '65-'71

7th Marines - Vietnam

A Viet Nam Aviator's Odyssey - (music)

A Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall

Al's Vietnam Home Page USMC

ALPHA CAPS(combined action platoons


Bonnie-Sue, A Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron in Vietnam

Corpsman Up!

Cpl. Cooper's Marine Corps

Deafvets Home Page

Drew's World of Choppers

Delta's Recon Site

Fire Base Dallas

FMD Namband Vets!

Fred Townsley's

Freedom Hill PX

From Farm To Fear

G. Larry Brown's Home Page

G.M. Fallon Communications

Golf 2/7 Vietnam 67-69

Golf28's Home 2/1 Marine Memories

Grover Furr's Vietnam War Page

Helicopter Squadron Decals

Hill 10 Remembered

Humidity Moon (Vietnam, 2/1)

India Company 3rd Bn/26th Marines Vietnam 1966-70

India 3/7 (Liberty Bridge) 1967


Kilo 3/1 Home Page

Kilo 3/26 Homepage

Looking Back - Vietnam 1969-71

Marine Combat Art

Marine Helo

Military Order of the Purple Heart

Nam Tales

Once a "Doc" always a "Doc"

Ontos Base Camp

Reflections of Vietnam

Rejoice or Cry 

Sgt Don Schaffer USMC RET

Silver Lance

Sons and Daughters In Touch

Stick's Place


The Hooch (HMM-164 Homepage)

The Nam Drivers

The Proud Bastards (book - Karmichael Press)

The Reaper's Edge a POW's ECHO in Cyberspace

The Vietnam Experience

The Vietnam War on the Internet

Third Batallion Fourth Marines

USMC Combined Action Platoons

Usmc sgtmcgilla home page

USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association

Vietnam Dog handlers Association

Vietnam Pictures 'C' 1/1 67-68

Vietnam Remembered

Viet Vets 3rd Bn/3rd Marines

Vietvets Down Under

Vietnam Death Trap - A Photo Journal of M/3/7

Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network

Vietnam Memorial "The Wall"

Vietnam Veterans Home Page

Vietnam Veterans IRC Chat Channel

Vietnam Veterans of 2nd Bn 1st Reg., 1st MarDiv

Vietnam-era POW/MIA Home Page

Vietnam Remembered

Visions of Vietnam

Walking Dead

1st Marine Division Association

Americal Division Veterans Association

Birmingham Marine Corps League (H.M. Smith Det)

Dept of Veterans Affairs Contacts and Complaints

Dutch Marines Site

FAQ: The American War Library

Fourth Marines

HMH-465's Home Page

House of Honor>

Kilo 4/12

Marine Corps Engineer Association

Marine Corps League Columbia River Det

Marine Corps League Det 758

Marine Corps League Tamarac Det

Marine Corps Tankers Association

Military City Online

Military Family Support Services Page

Military Recruiting Institute


Platoon 123 (Apr 68)Reunion Comm

Presidential Service Association

Reunion Network Homepage

Rough Rider Detachment MCL 435

The Veterans' ChatLine

Third MarDiv Association

Tom Hunter's U.S. Special Operations Home Page

Tustin Young Marines

U.S.-Japan Business Associates

Marine Corps Intelligence Association, Inc.

Veterans Archive

Veteran's Ring of Honor

Virtual Okinawa

Veteran's Ring of Honor

Guardian Angels Message Board

Homepage of the 3rd Battalion, 27th Marines.

1/27Vietnam Remembered

VVA 47, Riverside, CA

Alpha Battery, 13th Marines

Charlie Bty 1/13

United States Marine Corps Unit Links

Kilo Battery, 4th Battallion, 12th Marines

USMC Sites on the Web

Vietnam Veterans of America

Visions of Vietnam.

Interesting Sites for Nam-POWs

Semper Fi Lost Buddies

USMC Lost & Found

The Seeker-Military

Lost and Found Search Services

2/23 Scout Sniper


Other sites:

PEOPLE - PHONE, EMAIL DIRECTORIES                     Area Code Lookup - look up the area code for any phone number                                                    AnyWho- Toll Free Directory                                Big Book - yellow pages from American Business Info, Inc

PHONE DIRECTORIES:                 email and people                                 people, business, email            business, yellow pages, people, email and government agencies                                   yellow pages, business, people, email

Reverse Phone Number Lookup           The Ultimates   - yellow pages,  white pages, and email listings         WhoWhere? - find people or find businesses on the Internet   Zip+4 Code Lookup - look up any US zip code



G Company, 23rd Marines, 4th MarDiv

4/14 and 3rd Force Recon

Family of Marines

New York City Police Marines

Joshua Icore's Home Page

1/3/3 (includes Corpsman page)

Subic Bay Marines

Creating the Iwo Jima Memorial

HMM-164 and 184-Marble Mountain

Iwo Jima Preservation Committee

1/9 The Walking Dead

India 3/9

8/2 Corpsman, Chaplains, various

1st Bn 3rd Marines

Interesting personal page

2/9 Hell in a Helmet

Marine Corps University

Many links

USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Reunion

Band of Brothers


Dozens of Links

Lady Leathernecks

Parris Island

Info for Marines

3rd Bn 4th Marines Reinforced Assoc. (includes unit history)

Marine Corps Locations Around the World

Force Recon

Marine Magazine

Boston US Marine Corps Page

Semper Fidelis

MCRD-San Diego, Ca.

U.S. Marine Corps Organizations

Headquarters Marine Corps

Marine Corps Stuff - This is an Outstanding Page

U.S.Marine Drum and Bugle Corps

United States Marine Corps Recruiting

Semper Fi, Mac! - SSgt, USMC 1959 - 1968

A Marines's Home Page - Thomas Ernest

Camp Pendleton

India Company USMC 1967 (many pictures, takes awhile to load)

The Bunker

Fire Base Houston

Force Recon


The Third Marine Division Association

3rdMarDivBoard;   3d Marine Division Related Home Pages  


Third Marine Division

The Marines of 1/3

Emmett Queen's 1/3 Marines

The Marines of 2/3

The Marines of 3/3

The Forth Marines

The Marines of 3/4

The Walking Dead (1/9)

The Marines of 2/9

Marines of 2/12

Marines of 3/12

Veterans of Khe Sanh

USMC Okinawa

Iwo Jima Page

Art's Iwo Jima Flag

3d Div Combat Assault Bn

So. California Association Chapter

29th Field Artillery Regiment

Head Quarters Bn

If your 3d Division unit or organization has a web site that isn't listed here, drop me a line and I will link you up.  (That would be Ed Nichols speaking)

USMC Official Home Page

USMC Historical Page.

1st Division Assn

The Marine Guest Book

Al Varelas-USMC

Scuttlebutt and Small Chow (History great site!)

The Gunny's Home Page

The Top's Home Page

Doc Lerps Corpsman Site

Herc's Hootch 9th MAB

Marine Corps Clothing and Merchandise

3rd Battalion/First Marines 1st Div.

Other sites of Interest

Military Personnel Records -Medals and Awards

Military Personnel Records

Veteran's Ring of Honor

The Moving Wall

VN Casualty Search

The Virtual Wall

Ribbon Checker (check out your ribbons and their order of precedence.) (--3/3 wear)     fr POW/MIA           (Tim O'BRIEN-If I Die in a Combat ZoneThe Batangan)    (battle of Chu Lai)


A Life In A Year: The American Infantryman in Vietnam(1965-1972), James R. Ebert

A Rumor of War, Phil Caputo

A World Almanac of the Vietnam War, John S. Bowman

About Face, Col. David H. Hackworth (Ret.)

Battle In the Monsoons, S.L.A. Marshall

Dak To, Edward F. Murphy

Dispatches, Michael Herr

Everything We Had, Al Santoli

Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War, Harry G. Summers,Jr.

If I Die In a Combat Zone, Tim O’Brian

Inside the VC and the NVA, Michael Lee Lanning and Dan Cragg

Killing Zone, Frederick Downs

No Shining Armore,an Oral History, Otto LEHRACK

NAM, Mark Baker

On Strategy: A Critical Analysis of the Vietnam War, Harry G. Summers,Jr.

Once a Warrior King: Memories of an Officer in Vietnam, David Donovan

Red Thunder, Tropic Lightning: The World of a Combat Infantry Division in Vietnam, Eric M. Bergerud

Suicide Charlie: A Vietnam Story, Norman L. Russell

Summons of the Trumpet, Dave Richard Palmer

The End of the Line: The Siege of Khe Sanh,Robert Pisor

The Only War We Had: A Platoon Leader’s Journal of Vietnam

The Rise and Fall of an American Army, Shelby L. Stanton

The Ten-Thousand Day War: Vietnam 1945-1975, Michael Maclear

The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brian

The Vietnam War:The Illustrated History of the Conflict in Southeast Asia, Crown Publishers

The Wounded Generation: America After Vietnam, (Prentice-Hall, Inc.)

To Heal A Nation, Jan C. Scruggs and Joel L. Swerdlow

Vietnam War Almanac, Harry G. Summers, Jr.

Vietnam: A History, Stanley Karnow

Vietnam: The History and the Tactics, Cresent Books

Vietnam: The Other Side of Glory, William R. Kimball

War Without Windows, Bruce E. Jones

We Were Soldiers Once ... And Young, Lt. Gen Harold C. Moore (Ret.) and Joseph Galloway

Weapons of the Vietnam War, Bison Books



""         Statistics about the Vietnam War

""     Vietnam War Encyclopedia –

 Sample  Statistical Table

""      Vietnam War History Research Files

"aol://5863:126/mBLA:266370"     Vietnam War

""  Statistics about the Vietnam War

""  Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network (VHFCN)

""   Maps of the Vietnam War

""   PIKE Military Research Home Page ""    Remembrance 

""   Vietnam Veteran's Terminology and Slang

""  Artillery Terms and Tactics

""    Grunt's Gallery

""     Vietnam War (1961-1975)


""  Firebase Higgy North gate entrance

""   Myths and Facts about The Vietnam War


A collection of Military History and other related web sites which Ed’s accumulated..

History of all the wars since the rock and the club were invented.  Gulf War: The Air Campaign - GBU-283.         Center for Army Lessons Learned        Land Forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth         United States Weapons Systems        Intelligence and Counterintelligence website        Navy Weapons and Armaments         The U-Boat War, 1939-1945              The A-1 Skyraider Combat Journal (pilot's account)      174th Assault Helicopter Company, 1966-1971          159th Medical Detachment

     (DUSTOFF) (in III Corps)           Paratroopers of the  '50's