Noting that such heroism should not go unrecognized, 
Doc Hoppy hereby awards Joe Cordileone the
DSM (Dysentery Squirts Medal) w/ Combat V & TP Cluster.
Note:  While the events listed below may have some factual backing, this is a lighter look at an otherwise horrendous day...

Thanks goes to Joe Cordileone for offering this "different" view of events....
Joe Cordileone - Dec 17, 2002      


True story (though Bob will probably deny it).

  I was a meter or 2 behind Bob when he got hit.

    Unlike Bob, I decided it was wiser to be in a horizontal rather than vertical position. True, it was harder for me to see and interdict with the enemy, but by the same token, it was harder for the enemy to see and interdict me, and that bastard was doing some vicious interdicting.

     Anyway, I saw Bob take the round and go down and a bunch of us got around him to help. He was hit through the cheek and so I was helping with wrapping the bandages.

    There was blood coming out of his mouth and nose and I personally adjusted the bandage so that it completely covered both his nose and mouth. I knotted the bandage tightly up against both so that no blood would drip out from either place.

    Rather than thank me, Moffatt started flailing around like he was trying to say something but I couldn't tell what it was he was trying to say because the bandages were in the way.

    With no concern for my own safety at all, I pulled at the bandage which I had so carefully and tightly wrapped around the lower half of Bob's face. All I wanted to do was help and I needed to understand what it was he was trying to say.

    (You don't know how difficult this was because I was nearly prone. It was hard to reach his face from where I was hiding . . . I mean helping).  

    Anyway, after removing the bandage, before he said a word he gulped down a huge mouthful of air.  Then he mumbled something about not being able to breathe the way I put the bandage on him.

    Just think. If I hadn't pulled that bandage off his mouth and nose, he would have suffocated!

No, no... Don't thank me... I was just doing my job.

Joe C., the unsung hero.

(Robert Moffatt)

LOL JOE!!!! And thanks brother.   If not for you, Hossack, Gensor and Wheeler, I doubt if I would be here today.
The Dysentery Medal - Is this some funny SH**, or what?
(Joe Cordileone)    

Doc, Bob,
I am typing this through tears of joy! After all these years, I have finally received the honor I so richly deserve. The dysentery medal represents the apex of my entire life! I intend to print the site out on color paper, and then have it framed and bronzed. By the way, when can I expect president Bush to invite me to the White House for the formal presentation?    
Joe and Bob,

Glad you enjoyed the page... I just couldn't help myself... LOLOLOLOL

Actually the "DSM" (Dysentery Squirts Medal) is something I cooked up for myself, since I didn't earn a Purple Heart...

I originally had it coined as the Brown Heart, but somehow that didn't have the proper ring to it... soooooo...... after 20 or 30 squats at it, I came up with the "DSM"....

I earned that puppy in late May or early June 1969 when I was ME'd to 3rd Med and on to DaNang.... Lost 20 pounds overnite... and didn't have it to spare... can we say DE-HY-dration?  

Gawd I luv this sh... ewww don't even think that woid.

(Le Doc Dysentere)