There were many moments I will never forget at this reunion.  Amongst them was the moment, when the ladies...for their group photograph... began singing the Marine Hymn as I stood in their midst.  The angels in heaven could not have put more love and feeling into that rendition.
    My brothers  it was like the "Pass in Review" upon graduation from Boot Camp...You remember...
When our hearts were so full of pride for completing our training.  We had not dropped out, we did not quit; and now, we had the right and the honor to be called ~ United States Marines ~.
    There are women...and there are women.  But no group of women has ever touched my heart as they did at that moment. I am so very proud of them.
    I am grateful to have had my uniform with me.  Yes, we are combat veterans, but Vietnam was only a part of our service.  Stand Tall!  for we are "The Few~The Proud" we are the Marines.
    Forgive my long-windedness, I don't write often.
I love you; I will miss you until our next gathering. Until that day arrives,           Semper Fidelis!
Your brother, your comrade, your friend  

Mike Co. thank you all again for a wonderful weekend and making us honorary members.   Steven and I will never forget it and all of you.   You made us and all the guest feel very welcome.   I think Steven finally got some sleep - he doesn't have to work on Thur. so he will get more sleep.   Thanks again
Jackie Pendergraph

Hi Guys, Just wanted to drop a line and say that my wife and I had one of the greatest times at the reunion.   It was great to see some my old buddies for the first time in 34 years.   Next time we will have located even more of them now that some long forgotten memories have been jogged.   To all you guys that worked so hard putting the reunion together THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!!!
Carl "ES" & Nora Essman

  Greetings All Members of Mighty Mike. Once again I would like to thank all of you for giving me the welcome as you did. There was one other thing I wanted to say Saturday evening but I know I would have gotten waaaaay to emotional to say it. So I'll say it now. Each of you at the reunion have taken several steps into my heart. It's a big all of you are extremely welcome to be there! I consider myself extremely fortunate to have a second "Home Company" You're a great bunch of guys..... Thank you. I wish I could have been there on Sunday...but I think that was a special just for true members of Mike. I'll have my turn!   I've already got the ball rolling for "Lima" reunion in 2003. Also encouraging everyone in LIMA to join us in San Diego. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you once again then.
John Miller "Lima Co."

To all of Mike Company I would like to take a minute to Thank everybody there. Everyone was so nice and welcomed us with open arms. Greg hasn't remembered too much since Viet Nam and talking to all of you he has remembered a lot. It was so nice for him to be reunited with Tom Saint and J. D. Murphy just wish Jack Kzzinsky could have been there too. All of you have been so nice and welcoming. Greg has not shut up since he came home and we are planning on going to CA. Tina I have never met a person like you before do not change just wish this world was full of Tina's, glad I met you. Also to all the wives there thank you for making me feel comfortable. Again Thank you for the good time and memories will never forget them.
Greg and Nancy Herron

I think I've said this a million times since I've been home and probably have said it here, too. I spent the better part of two years in that country and except for one guy (who I just realized had been in Lima - told John Miller about him) my love for Mike company (everyone) especially O'dee, John Mick and Doc Osterman is the greatest feeling. I can't explain it real well, but I think you all know what I speak of. It was so great to see everyone and it did and does feel like coming home.
God Bless You All!!
If any of you ever get to the Boston area - look me up. I'm about 20 minutes outside of Boston.
Curtis Morgan

Not much to add here..... It was a wonderful, special time together....  We missed all those who were not able to join us.  Next year San Diego!  September 4th thru 8th... Town and Country Resort.  Looks like rooms are $99/nite...great price!  We will attend with Division/Battalion, and have our own space too.
More info as I receive it.                Doc Hoppy

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M 3/3   Reunion 2001

This reunion is now in history, and what a reunion it was!

Approximately 50 Marines and Corpsmen, and 30 or so family members and guests gathered in Springfield IL to honor our fallen brothers and share some time together.

This year we also had Rex McBee from India Co., and John Miller from Lima Co. with us, and since some of us were rostered on H/S Co., it was a well-rounded soiree.  The Corpsmen were well represented by Les Osterman, Ray Galant, Tim Roth and myself.  I have a pic of the '69 crew 3 Docs and 13 Marinesabsolutely the most Corpsmen one "squad" ever had!!!

All years were well represented, and it was fantastic to see all these guys smiling, laughing, and reminiscing.
You have to be there to fully appreciate the excitement and electricity

Capt. Cal Morris was our presiding CO for this gathering, and left beaming with the Marine Corps Hymn BLASTING from his speakers!

Honoring our Brothers

Doc Donald Rion    12/10/66
Michael Crouson   12/10/66
Charles Thomas Lee  3/3/68

Family members of each of these fallen Brothers were invited to the reunion so we could honor each of our Brothers' memories. 

A memorial service was held at the Illinois VietNam Memorial on Sunday morning.  Each family was presented with a plaque as a token of our gratitude for their sacrifices.

The Co. formed up in an arced formation in front of the memorial, with Joe Byrne in dress blues centered in the formation.  It was beautifully done!

Sunday evening, at the banquet, we further presented the families with Certificates of Appreciation for service signed by Commander in Chief  G. W. Bush.

Then Capt. Morris presented the Silver Star to Phyllis Rion, and a miniature medal to Don, Dawn, Debbie and Deana.  It was very moving, and a several minute standing ovation ensued.

A special moment for some very special people.

Later in a personal tribute, Craig Slaughter and myself presented Phyllis and family with Honor The Warrior, dedicated to Doc Rion's family by the author,Wm. Myers, a letter from Doc's old friend Bob Koehler, and a tape Bob had sent for them.. he and Doc Rion on Okinawa before returning to Nam and Doc's death a month or so later.

It was a light hearted "interview" and was of perfect audio quality.  It was the crowning event of a wonderful day.
Deana later hugged me, saying how wonderful it all was I replied.. That it wasn't from me, but from Don.  As we left Tuesday morning, she again embraced me and said.. "We have so many wonderful step-fathers now!"
And indeed they do!

Terry Crouson, Jackie, and son Steve, Pendergraph also left knowing they are not alone, and that truly:  "Marines take care of their own."

"Not for self, but for Country"

25 June 2001


  On behalf of all Marines, it is with great pleasure that I extend greetings to Mike Company, Third Battalion, Third Marines on the occasion of your reunion.

  The Marines and Sailors of Mike Company have proven themselves time and again in service of our great nation.  Names like Khe Sanh, Con Thien, and Quang Tri have been indelibly etched into our Corps' legacy of valor, and earned you the respect and admiration of the entire nation.

  As you gather with friends and families to reminisce about shared experiences and remember fallen and missing comrades, know that all Marines are with you in spirit.  To all of you, please accept my sincere gratitude for your service to our country and Corps and my best wishes for a memorable reunion.
Semper Fidelis