Mike Company 3/3 Map Page 1
South of Chu Li 1965

After landing at Chu Li Airbase on May 12, 1965, Mike Company performed various duties in the security of the Airbase.
Our first major operation was Starlight on Aug, 18-21,1965. Under the command of the 7th. Marines, Mike Company was the Northern Blocking Force for the operation. The rest of 3/3 along with 2/4 and 3/7 made amphibious and helicopter assults from the S.E.,South and S.W. sweeping North in a attempt to drive the enemy toward Mike Company and the South China Sea. Firefights raged throughout the entire area of the operation, with the heaviest fighting centering around Hill 43.
After Starlight most of our activities moved to the North of Chu Li as 3/3 moved toward Da Nang, Quang Tri and the D.M.Z.