I never heard or saw anything about this in the media.  I was going to the bank when I saw this.  I went home, got my wife Linda, and came back with a camera.  Below is my best, though inadequate, attempt to share the experience with you.....
The above picture was taken on the mall in front of the Sandy,Utah city hall.  Scroll sideways to see the whole thing.  I pasted the photos together to try and help show just how big this thing was, but even with that, the photos don't do it justice.  There was very little publicity about this, but it was a real traffic stopper.  People would park and get out and walk among the flags.  Some brought bundles of flowers and left them at the base of a flag.  Others came together and just hugged each other hard in the silent memory of the terrible loss that we suffered one year ago.  We all know over 3000 people lost their lives, but seeing this display, and walking among it, helps put perspective on just how big a number that is.
1/15/03 I received an email with the home site for this beautiful tribute:
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