3/3 RVN Ass’n  Vol  1  Issue 1    09/01/2004
First Issue

This is issue #1 of a new newsletter for 3/3 Vietnam era Marines, Corpsmen, Doctors and Chaplains.

We will attempt to publish this newsletter three times a year for the foreseeable future in September, January, and May. 

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Reunion 2004 responses

I can't thank you guys who put it on enough. Doc and Doc and all the rest. What a great time.  Seeing faces I haven't seen for 37years.  The only thing that I thought was kind of strange is how much all the rest of you have AGED. I still look exactly the same as I did in '67. At least that's true when I'm on this side of my face looking out.
And I still haven't figured out why the clothing manufacturers insist on putting phony sizes on the trousers.  I know my waist isn't 10" bigger than when I was overseas.    
Joe Cordileone
Our reunions continue to set the standard to which all other units would love to achieve. 
John Ripley
I’m confident that we have the most identified and contacted veterans of any Vietnam era unit. 
The membership just keeps growing.
John Admire
John Ripley      John Admire _____________________________________  
A fantastic gathering!  Nothing but kudos from all hands! Some 600 attended the Banquet on Saturday nite, including a sizeable group of us USN/FMF types!  We were also honored to have Cpl James Wright join us as well as LtGeneral Raduege who acted as chauffeur for Cpl. Wright.

If you have not attended a reunion yet, you are missing something very special.  All Co’s and all years were well represented, and the electricity was in the air all week!  Nothing but smiles and laughs and tall tales (or maybe not so tall... ).

We honored our fallen and,their families; we
rejoiced in each other and our brotherhood..

Doc Hoppy

One outstanding memory I have of the Reunion is meeting the daughter of Doc Mosley, who was born during his tour with 3rd Platoon on Hill 55, and being able to tell her what he had done for us and how much he meant to all of us. 
There were several other Marines present to sing the “Amen chorus”. She came up later to say that her Dad had never talked much about his tour and so she was really glad to find out about what he had done. That alone made the whole trip worthwhile. Of course, other features of the weekend, even standing-alone, also made it worthwhile. Thanks to you and your teammates. 
Semper Fi, Perry Miles

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