Feb 18-July 4, 1969
(Names in red were Killed In Action)

February 22nd
Morris Brannom II

March 1st
Frank J. Longhat

March 5th
Kenneth W. Beck
Terry W. Booker
Eedward L. Clute
Lloyd A. Crombie
Salavador Garcia
John R. Keeney
Robert S. Maly
William D. Page
Gary C. Rausch
David R. Shaffer

March 8th
Roert F. Larsen
Donald E. Mara

March 16th
Mike Stafford

March 22nd
C. E. Armitage

March 24th
Ronald L. Coker
Frank L. Drone
Ronald E. Playford

March 31st
Marcus Andrews

April 23rd
S. N. Lundmark

April 30th
Edward L. Clute
Donald D. Shumaker

May 16th
Thomas Jackson
Michael D. Wallon

May 17th
Lawrence DeMilio
Milton Osborne

May 18th
Leonard G. Morin

May 19th
Taft Benjamin
Wiley B. Earley
Gary R. Wood

May 22nd
Michael J. McKeon

June 17th
Kenneth W. Beck
Randy W. Bentley
Gary E. Burnett
John W. Coleman
Ely Colon
Johnny C. Copeland
Derrick Core
John W. Davis
Michael D. Dawson
Joseph F. Dostie
Donald B. Foster
Joseph D. Fournier
Winford A. Garrison
Johnie F. Granberry
C. Rick Hazelwood
Harold R. Hedlund
William T. Henry, Jr.
James J. Hulsing
Ernest H. Ivy
Leo Josey, Jr.
Ronald S. Kingsbury
Bruce Kolter
Chris J. Kujawa
Robert R. Murray
Cleveland. Murry
Gerald K. Neer
John T. Nees
Roger D. Pelkey
Wm.  J. Revell III
John Reynero
Roger D. Rosenberger
David B. Shaffer
Claude R. Sparks
David M.  Steele
Charles A. Stevens
William M. Stone, Jr
Willie C. Terrell
Arthur L. Varnau, Jr.
Perry G. Wilson
Robert W. Witty
Dale W. Wood

June 29th
Kenneth W. Beck
Gene C. Brockett
Kelly P. Carter

July 1st
Doc Tim Roth

During the course of the war, 3,000+ individuals received over 3,400 Purple Hearts in 3/3. 

546 of those perished in VietNam

Additionally, 104 3/3 alumni were KIA
in subsequent tours/units.
Scores more were WIA.

Doc Tales

The following list is to Name and Honor those who gave their all in the course of my watch, and those who sustained combat wounds… 
(I feel this list, of 78 Purple Hearts, which is probably incomplete,
but it is all that I can document at this juncture.)
The above 77 listings of Wounded, and Deaths amounts to about 2/3 of the Company Strength that was in the bush on any particular day, and is for a 121 days period of time.  As I said previously, I do not believe it is complete, nor does it account for those with Malaria, Dysentery, Immersion foot, and countless other afflictions.