The info for the  Hotel is:

Grosvenor Resort Hotel
1850 Hotel Plaza Blvd
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830

They will bill your credit card for one day only to hold the reservation… however this is refundable in case you should not be able to make the reunion, and cancel before the reunion.

Same refund policy for the reunion fees/banquet payments.

John has some great ideas for the reunion and there is the big plus of being in the middle of so many attractions.  The hotel has group rates for most area attractions, and shuttles to them! 
Bring the kids and/or grandkids along!

I ran an Orbitz search online to check out airline fares to Orlando.  They are a bargain from most airports nationwide. (I could only search for July 2007, but the fares should hold pretty well barring any huge fuel cost surges.) 

This should be our biggest reunion ever.  There are over 1,000 alumni down in that section of the USA, and travel will be very reasonable for the rest of us.  If this will be your first reunion or your umpteenth, it will certainly be worth your time and effort to attend.

We now have over 5,000 of us in contact.  Over 1,700 are known deceased.  Reunions are becoming more important to attend since there will be a rapid growth of the final muster list in the coming years.

Hopefully by the time this is in print (May 2007) our database will be back up online and working… it’s been down over a year now and is sorely missed.  We have a group working on the programming, donating their time, so I’m not pushing them.  It will be 10’s of thousands of dollars worth or programming.  We will owe them a huge thank you for sure!


India 3/3                    Oct 2-7, 2007
Holiday Inn               Reno NV
Contact: Wayne Smith

Lima 3/3          May 30-Jun 3, 2007
Napierville Inn    Napierville IL
Contact:  Jay Boone

Mike 3/3  881S          April 30, 2007
40th Anniversary
San Antonio TX
Contact:  Don Hossack

Mike 3/3          June 20-24, 2007
Rochester NY
Contact: “Bart” Bartholomew

3/3 RVN Ass’n  Vol  1  Issue 9   05/01/2007
Issue #9

This is issue #9 of a new newsletter for 3/3 Vietnam era Marines, Corpsmen, Doctors and Chaplains.

We will attempt to publish this newsletter three times a year for the foreseeable future in  January, May, and September.

Please contact us to include or request items of interest.  

All submitted items may be edited for content, and may be included, if of import, at the leisure of the editorial staff.  

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3/3 Nam Locator site
3/3 RVN REUNION 2008
July 15-20, 2008
Orlando FL

Due to the size of our reunions and the accommodations required, John Mick has relocated the reunion from the planned Melbourne FL locale to Orlando.

The reunion Hotel is the Grosvenor Resort Hotel (a Disney hotel), which hopefully will be large enough to accommodate us all… it has nearly 700 rooms.

The hotel has gone beyond the call to provide us with amenities and gathering spaces.

This reunion will be very affordable.  The only fees will be a $30 registration fee (per adult), and a $40 (per person) banquet cost.  We will be looking into a child’s plate for the banquet at a reduced price…

That’s just $70 per person!  The hotel rooms are $89+tax per night for the courtyard rooms and $109+tax per night for the tower rooms (with views).  I believe all rooms have twin full beds, so room sharing will be a breeze.

200 rooms are blocked for us initially, and they are already taking reservations (I’ve made mine already).

There is a Registration form click here that you can send in with your reunion registration check to John Mick.

The earlier you make your reservations, the better the planning will go to insure we have adequate facilities etc… and with the cost so reasonable, it’ll be done and you can relax! ☺


You must make your own hotel reservations, and be sure to tell them you are with the 3/3 Marines group in order to get our special rate.  
Only 3/3 alumni/families/guests are eligible for this rate.


Marine Corps Pride

Something in my life that I would like to share with all my BROTHERS. 

From the day I signed my papers to be a prospective Marine I was very proud!  During training they taught me why I was so proud.  Then during my combat duty all you guys made me proud to ever be associated with you. 

A lot of you have seen some of my posts and I have mentioned a couple times of when I got MedEvac’d.  Well, I was MedEvac’d because of malaria.  I didn't want to leave the company so I let it go too long until the few guys that knew took me to sickbay while we were at Cam Lo (mid July).  A grunt named Carey took my place until H&S comm could replace me.  He was KIA July 24th. Carey always wanted to be somewhere with the CP group other than being a grunt.  When I left he was training with the S2 guy and his scouts Troung and Ohy. 

As I mentioned previously I was aboard the U.S.S Sanctuary (hospital ship) then MedEvac’d to the 12th Air Force hospital at Cam Rahn Bay. For those of you that are unaware Cam Rahn Bay is way down south in Army and Air Force country. The Bn sent a large plaque that hung over the foot of my bed with the 3/3/3 emblem. 

One day (being very hungry) I mustered enough energy to get into my wheelchair and go to a fridge in the center of the ward. While there an Army fellow came up to me and asked if I was the MARINE at the end of the ward.  I confirmed that I was. He then turned and yelled to one of his buddies down the ward, " It's the MARINE and I'm talking to him".  Granted most of the patients there were in for hemorrhoids, alcoholism etc., etc. non-combat, but that didn't keep my chest from bursting with pride.  The whole time I was there it was like being a celebrity. 

The hospital had a direct phone line to the states and when ever I wanted to make a call a nurse would wheel me over to it.  There was always a long line (non-patients) waiting to make limited time calls (of course all brass).  I would be wheeled to the front of the line and told to take all the time I wanted.  Can you imagine the looks I got!

What I am trying to say my friends is that everyone knows about the Corps, about our traditions and who we are.  Whether they want to admit it or not!!   I was not only proud for myself during my stay at the hospital, but also proud for all of you and our brothers before!

Semper Fi

Chico Stinson  USMC